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PT. Ristra Indolab is a cosmetics products company which has local or foreign marketing area. Equipped with modern laboratory and factory, all our products are made based on a very high standard quality and controlled procedure. We are supported by some Asian Institutions, not only in the controlling of microbiologycal quality but also in the adequate dermatological test.
PT. Ristra Indolab cosmetics products are released in the market the brand named Ristra, which is technically present various innovations. PT. Ristra Indolab is one of the first Asian companies which found the concept of PH-Balanced since 1986.
For the material, Ristra Products only use the high quality ingredient as well as characteristically hypo-allergenic and non-acnegenic. One of the Ristra founders, Retno I.S Tranggono, MD, is a prominent cosmetodermatologist in Indonesia. And as well be known, she is a cosmetodermatology sub division founder, dermato venerology specialization science sub division, in medical school, Indonesian University (UI) in Indonesia. Retno, MD, is absolutely sure that beautiful skin is healthy skin hence this becomes company philosophy which is improved next as the idea original concept Retno IST, MD, Cosmetodermatologist, with the name "The Science of Beauty".
Except the product, the company also offers the service for beauty treatment and skin health by establishing some of service centres, which guarantee the product safety availability, with the name House of Ristra. PT. Ristra Indolab also establishes PT. Ristra Pharmindo which produces vitamin and also healty supplement.
All these qualified products are now offered with competitive prices to maximize the success as well as to break through the dosmetic market.
Retno Iswari Tranggono, MD.
& Suharto Tranggono, MD.

Established on February, 1983, PT. Ristra Indolab - offers the total 161 kinds of cosmetics product on behalf of Ristra, Platinum by Ristra, Trustee by Ristra, and Dermocare. Developed by some cosmetics specialist from various science disciplines under controlled by dr. Retno I.S. Tranggono, SpKK, as well as the company chairman dr. Suharto Tranggono, SpKj, SpKp,: all Ristra products - starts from skin treatment, hair treatment, until the make up tools -have been made hence it is very appropriate with all Asian and Indonesian skin characteristics especially more for troubled and sensitive skin as a stretch.
All Ristra Group products have been prepared and have passed the clinical testing as well as intensive research and improvement from microbiological test becomes dermatological tests which are very sophisticated and safe. All our products can not be distributed except they have passed the tests consist of clinical/medical test standard equipment which has been applied with basic and high standard from dr. Retno I.S. Tranggono, SpKK (Cosmetodermatologist). Her experiences show how her patients who suffer various problems from inappropriate cosmetics products effects, can be cured by Ristra Products. Their needs on cosmetics products which are special and safe to be used for the skin health eventually inspire new ideas of Ristra cosmetic products making.
Based on the philosophy of "the science of Beauty" from dr. Retno I.S. Tranggono, SpKK (cosmetodermatologist), the scientific concept so the skin looks like healty, beautiful and safe is affected by 3 factors, those are environment factors, human factors, and cosmetic factor. Since our environment is tropical nature with high UV ray intensity, especially the Asian or Indonesian skin characteristic is brown of which most the viewpoints to beautiful skin from most people is white skin; furthermore it is needed the appropriate cosmetic with tropical nature and softy brown Asian skin characteristic. All Ristra products are made based on that concept which is characteristically appropriate matching with Asian or Indonesia skin characteristics with tropical weather and high sun ray intensity.
We have done some efforts of marketing to socialize this concept in any chance. Our team who socialize this concept consist of experienced docters, specialists, and beauty consultant to support this program in educating the consumer how to get healthy skin and how to choose the cosmetics products which are beneficial, safe, and appropriate with what skin needs.
Except cosmetic products, Ristra Group also give services by establishing House of Ristra which is the center of service for beauty treatment and skin health including hair treatment, make up treatment, until skin care treatment under controlled and medical consultation by qualified and experienced doctors in their fields which are supported with knowledge of cosmetodermatologist with Ristra Standard. Since 1987, the success reached by House of Ristra where is based on the concept of "The Science of Beauty", House of Ristra have successfully done their function. As the answer from the good aspiration and existence for service center which are already opened on 1989, now there are 6 (six) House of Ristra : 3 (Three) in Jakarta (in Radio Dalam Street, in Menteng, and in Bintaro), and the other 3 (three) is outside the town such as in Bandung, Semarang, and Purwokerto.
As the part of service division development, PT. Ristra Indolab have been succeeded in developing the beauty products with Trustee products brand, which are available in the healty products series with the uniqueness of PH-Balanced concept and high Radical Protection Factor (RPF) which are the same and with the measurement of rational health. Trustee is the first cosmetics series in Indonesia which are specially dedicated for "young ladies" since young ladies need cosmetics which are appropriate with their skin condition. Trustee also understands the young ladies' needs who always desire to treat their skin, look for more beauty, and realize that appearance is the beginning of success. Trustee is appropriate for young ladies ages 18-25 years old and giving more priority on the good qualities rather than prices. Trustee is specially designed as a full cosmetics series which understand the most the young ladies' needs with slight formulation, safe and innovative. Trustee as one of Ristra Group products functions to maintain the adolescence skin which is healthy, soft, smooth, and shinny. Moreover, Trustee is packed in the innovative wrapping and practically can be used and also trendy. Trustee is appropriate for smart and fashionable young ladies without leaving their feminism, having strong confidence, also having caring to issued related with their self-improvement as autonomous young ladies.
In 2000, PT. Ristra Indolab return to do the innovation by launching new products named Platinum special for decorative (cosmetics) with more premium target market and segment. Moreover, Platinum Skincare product which is launched in 2007 also has target for more premium market. With the positioning as a safe premium class, high quality, and beneficial cosmetics products, which are specially dedicate for women, very caring about about the safe and trusted cosmetics products; Platinum targets the market of ladies in the ages over than 30 years old who live in big city or urban are from economy group of class A+, A, and B+ who also have the profession as autonomus carrier women or housewives who are active in organization. They are kinds of women who really pay attention for their beauty treatment, intelligent in picking up the choices and also fashionable in appearance. Platinum Skin Care has plus values in the substances of antioxidant which are very effective because it comes from Grape Seed Extract and Grape Seed Oil. The effectiveness level from Grape Seed Oil contained is beyond vitamin E and C. The transporter technology with Nanotope/Nanosome and Glycosphere which is used in producing this product can break through the skin epidermis layer so the active substances in the skin can work more optimally. Based on the available literature, the effectiveness Grape Seed Extract contained by Platinum Skin Care is 50 times more effective rather than Vitamin E and 20 times better rather than vitamin C